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Aarron Stroud

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Artist Bio


Born in 1994 in Surrey, UK, I graduated from Falmouth School of Art in 2016 and still reside locally, as a practicing artist. My practice sits between painting and printmaking, often using mono-prints as a way of drawing and mark making to influence large scale paintings.

Artist Statement

The Hyacinth (requiem in 5 blooms), Ragnarok and War Requiem collections narrate neither a political nor a social commentary but rather reflects a space without human kind, one based on mythological tales. Adopting various thoughts and spaces from Norse, Greek, Hebrew and Egyptian mythologies, these paintings interrogate the same point in each foretelling which imagine the end of days; a place of nothingness where the dead retreat. It is this placement of the spirit within the landscape and this spiritual abidance that motivates the work to challenge to the integrity of the human spirit and the crisis of human existence.

The paintings are infused with chemical patinas which respond to the space it inhibits, allowing its colours to transfigure in flux from the ordinary to sublime apocalyptic. These patinas fall between the industrial, chemical manmade and the organic, natural world. They focus on abandoned, lifeless landscapes- often inspired by the Cornish land; cultivating pigment and material from the natural clays and using them to creative vibrant rich tones. The painting has a life force of its own accord and each experience is a brief period in its fleeting time scale. In mind of this, the painting is both firmly fixed in the present tense and the future.


Email: astroud94@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.ajstroud.co.uk

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