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Eleanor Lee

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Artist Bio

Eleanor Lee is a Cornwall based Artist, specialised in painting, with a studio situated at Krowji in Redruth. Eleanor studied Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art and graduated in 2017.  Originally from Lancashire, her paintings have evolved from her connection to the landscapes she has experienced, the Lake District, the highlands and now Cornwall's rugged coastline. Eleanor is currently working alongside artists ( Jasmine Mills and Lillian Thomson) to co-organise and curate some exciting artist-led exhibitions.

Artist Statement

Primarily, Eleanor is interested in the process of painting in layers, and manipulating the ‘accident’.

Experimenting with the physicality of her mediums and how they combine and react is integral to her practice.

Eleanor's paintings are reminiscent of her connection to the immersive and overwhelming power of nature. This proximity to power is paralleled in her proximity to canvas size.


Painted forms are poured intuitively, emulating her own tactile experiences. Spontaneous forms appear on the canvas, these compositional elements are ambiguous, and prompt allusions of the organic. Responding to these forms she manipulates, pulls forward and sinks back details through a process of layering and varnishing.

Email: eleanorleeart@outlook.com


Website: eleanorleeart.co.uk

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