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Katie Mundy

Artist Bio

Katie Mundy is an oil painter living and working in Hertford, Hertfordshire. Born and raised in Somerset she then went on to study a BA in Fine Art at Falmouth University. She is in the early stages of her career and has been exhibiting around London. She has works in private collections.

Artist Statement

Katie Mundy is primarily a painter but her practice is also heavily influenced by photography. Situation is the subject of her work. Working with human figures she breaks them down, removing context until they become universal symbols that could be anyone and then placing these ambiguous figures in ambiguous situations. The aim is that the viewer will speculate at the hints that have been given in the painting and infer their own narrative from what is in front of them. The intention is to create a sense that something is about to happen or something has just happened.

Through paint detail is brought back to these blank figures but they are left with no fixed identity, painting layers separated by varnish to obscure the scene further. Removal of detail is used in the paintings as a way of making them more accessible allowing the viewer to fill in the gaps

Email: katiemundy1@outlook.com

Website: www.katiemundy.co.uk

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