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The Roaming Rug Company

Charley Neave & Lizzie Murray

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Artist Bio

The Roaming Rug Company is a small Independent weaving business based in the far reaches of most beautiful Cornwall. Their craft evolved whilst undertaking a journey through the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands where the wild and untameable landscape became their home for a time. During this period they encountered inspirational people who work closely with the land to achieve sustainable methods for their craft.  They were captivated by the art of traditional peg loom weaving, and it was here that their ideas were born.


Artist Statement

The Roaming Rug Company uses nature as their central inspiration and works closely with the environment in order use sustainable and eco-friendly methods in their textile process. Their materials are sourced locally from native British sheep breeds where they are woven in such a way that tells a story of adventure and discovery. The Roaming Rug Company has evolved out of a love for nature and travel, therefore each piece they create is as unique as the land that inspired it.


Email: workshop@roamingrugs.com

Website: www.roamingrugs.com

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