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Meg Fatharly 

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Artist Bio

Born in 1995, Edinburgh

Falmouth University where I studied the Foundation and then carried onto BA Drawing.

Currently lives in Hertfordshire where I travel to London to use East London Printmakers to continue my print practice. I have exhibited across the UK and love to experiment with new media to explore how to line and narrative can transfer between surface and material.


Artist Statement

My work is almost nothing and plays on subtleties that might be missed. I attach myself to things I make so that they are an entity of a moment or a fragment of a memory. My work explores the idea of something that is disregarded and is elevated through intuitive process. It is about the notion of a surface and how this is translated from one thing to another. This is depicted through making things that would once be forgotten monumental and poetic so that each edge, broken segment and line is appreciated.


There is a definite angst with my work and I think this can be seen in the scale and how one thing seems to contradict each other. My work is almost how marks and shapes, textures, sit within and on a surface.  It is that space in between the mark or action hitting the paper or surface and how it becomes intertwined with its history. When you are someone who feels every aspect of their surroundings you too might look for a way to catch onto those fleeting and moments that seem in a constant flux. The process of printmaking has enabled me to catch onto these moments by slowing my way of thinking and being. It is a process that is methodical and requires and a to b way of working but I like to add points of manipulation that alter this and shift the result.


I wrap myself in words and process for comfort and familiarity but there is an ambiguity that causes a tension between each aspect of my work. When I make, I almost do stop thinking and the work does lead me. I also find other ways to slow down and document my work and process online, thus creating another digital surface or platform for the work to be viewed. It’s that translation from physical object in a space to how it shifts and is almost archived in or on a new one. It is also questioning the physicality of a space, and how this all intertwines between object and an imagined reality.


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