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Tim Ridley

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Artist Bio

Tim Ridley makes work around the human/animal relationship through painting, drawing, assemblage, collage and performance. Often small scale, always made with respect for animals and the environment, there is an ‘antique’ or ‘eroded’ style to his sometimes comic work, made through a DIY punk ethic. The animal is put centre stage, as a counterbalance to the often arrogant placing of people at the centre of all things which dominates much of current on line and print media. After completing a BA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of art, Tim now works and lives in Penzance, West Penwith. His work represented online by both SaatchiArt & Singulart, is in many international and national private collections, represented by Daisy Laing in Chapel street, Penzance.

Artist Statement

There isn’t an element of the animal/human relationship which does not inspire me. I take the responsibility we all have as humans to recognise our negative effects on the environment and the animal world, and work with it. The environmental movements around extinction, climate change and animal rights

inform and inspire me. In particular I am making new juxtapositions of found objects and trying to place them in interesting and unusual situations, outside the usual ’white cube’ environment. My work can be tender, funny, difficult, challenging, but always my intention is to communicate a feeling of concern for all the species with which we share this planet.

Email: tim.ridley@yahoo.co.uk



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